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Natural Processing Trainings: Intro to NP

Integrating Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy

2-Day Introductory Training (online)

This highly acclaimed introductory training is 2 very full days of dynamic presentation, discussion, demonstration/video, and brief experimental practicums, learning how to integrate Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy. 

A somatic approach to utilizing EMDR enables you to track resiliency accurately moment-by-moment, and thus pace your therapy more effectively.  This puts you closer to your client’s process to be able to notice and work with nervous system responses that are driven by parts of the brain that do not have verbal language.

Note: This training is NOT a prerequisite for Part One (below). It is for those who wish to begin to train with Craig Penner, but cannot make it to the full 4 day in-person training, and prefer the flexibility of learning NP at home to begin.

Natural Processing Trainings: Part One

Integrating Somatic Psychotherapy with EMDR Therapy

Tracking Resiliency  •  Pacing the Work  •  Deepening Processing

In this intensive 4-day course, therapists will learn assessing and intervening from a somatic perspective while using EMDR, to enhance the therapy process.  Heightened awareness of the functioning of the body and nervous system aid the therapist in pacing the work well.   This approach taps into our natural inclination towards completion, integrating well with the EMDR AIP model.  Therapists can increase their skills in tracking and developing resiliency, crucial for the many moments in therapy when our clients struggle to stay regulated.

Foundational to this work is the therapist learning to deeply “trust the process,” and fully engage in the client’s “nature of completion.”

This in-depth training includes lecture, presentation and discussion, handouts, video of client sessions, live demonstrations, short skill-building practicums, and daily practicum sessions with feedback.

Natural Processing Trainings: Part Two

Subtle Dissociation  •  Developmental Trauma  •  Attachment Dynamics


This follow-up 4-day course expands the training from Part One.  We continue to explore tracking, dilemmas, and working with dissociation.  The somatic view of developmental trauma and attachment dynamics opens up the work of meeting developmental needs on non-verbal levels

This work builds skills for the full engagement called for in working with developmental trauma and attachment dynamics.  We will identify the moment-by-moment dynamics of separation from self, and the emergence of self.  Close tracking of mobilization/immobilization through the body and nervous system aids the therapist’s interventions in co-creating non-verbal experiences of titrated contact, and development of resiliency.

Natural Processing Trainings: Part Three

Effectively Working with Process

Teasing out Process • Therapist’s pressures • Shame


This 4-day training is designed for therapists who have been integrating NP One and Two into their practices, and wish to push that work further.  The presentations and discussion, exercises, demonstrations and practicums will focus personally on our challenges of being present with our own process, while attending to the moment-by-moment dynamics of our clients' processes.  As with previous trainings, integration with EMDR and other uses of bilateral stimulation is emphasized.

Natural Processing Trainings: Part Four

Fine-Tuning Pivotal Moments in Therapy

This 4-day training explores further details of process, for both you and your clients.  Participants need to take NP 1 and 2 before taking this training, as we expand on that foundation. We will again use a combination of presentation, discussion, exercises, demonstrations, and longer practicum sessions with personalized feedback.  We will also do more short role plays, where you can bring in tough moments from your sessions.  We will explore ways to approach, assess and work through them.

Natural Processing Trainings: Part Five

Special Topics and the Role of the Therapist

OCD  • Physical Pain  • Depression Collaborative Alliances

This 4-day training explores further details of working with “process,” for both you and your clients.  Participants need to take NP 1 and 2 before taking this training, as we expand on that foundation. (It is not required to take NP 3 or 4 to attend.)

Natural Processing Trainings: Disaster Training

Pacing Therapy in the Wake of Disaster / A Somatic Lens for Guiding Our Work

Tragic events cause devastating loss and suffering.  Clinicians suddenly face challenges with their own resiliency as they work with the life-changing events their clients struggle with. Your clients seek help, as they bring their heart-breaking stories, crippling emotions, and unique styles of coping.  Effective therapy needs to address their responses to the trauma, their grief and loss, and the survival needs that arise.  Your clients movements, postures, vocal tone, and facial expressions are a window into how their nervous system is managing (or not.) You can request this training in your area by contacting Craig Penner: craigpenner2@gmail.com. We plan to have this training available online soon at naturalprocessing.online.

Natural Processing Trainings: Online Training

We are pleased to announce the opening of our online school. Now you can learn some of the basic Natural Processing concepts in the comfort of your home, and at your own pace. CE credit hours offered.