Natural Processing Trainings: Part One

Integrating Somatic Psychotherapy with EMDR Therapy

Droplet of Water

Tracking Resiliency  •  Pacing the Work  •  Deepening Processing

In this intensive 4-day course, therapists will learn assessing and intervening from a somatic perspective while using EMDR, to enhance the therapy process.  Heightened awareness of the functioning of the body and nervous system aid the therapist in pacing the work well.   This approach taps into our natural inclination towards completion, integrating well with the EMDR AIP model.  Therapists can increase their skills in tracking and developing resiliency, crucial for the many moments in therapy when our clients struggle to stay regulated.

Prerequisite:  EMDR Basic Training

24 CE Credit Hours approved by EMDRIA

28 CE Credit Hours approved through for Psychologists, LCSW's, LMFT's, LCPC's and LMHC's.  Click below for details:

This workshop is limited to 27 participants to enhance the personal nature of learning process-oriented work.

Participants will be able to:

  • Closely assess momentary levels of activation

  • Demonstrate pacing the work with attention to resiliency and the “window of tolerance”

  • Identify dynamics of internal processing not available from client self-reporting

  • Utilize the power of “sustained awareness”

  • Explain and work the inherent dilemmas between drives for completion and protection

  • Identify and track subtleties of dissociative dynamics

  • Identify and reprocess early survival strategies

  • Assess the integration of shifts that emerge in each moment of the therapy process

  • Create experiences to enhance existing and new resources

  • Demonstrate approaches for the development of discernment and self-awareness skills

Foundational to this work is the therapist learning to deeply “trust the process,” and fully engage in the client’s “nature of completion.”

This training includes lecture, presentation and discussion, handouts, video of client sessions, live demonstrations, short skill-building practicums, and daily practicum sessions with feedback.

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After this training, therapists describe new awareness and practice in their therapy with immediate positive effects that they implement with their first session back in the office.

This is a stand-alone training,  so there is no requirement to take subsequent trainings.  It is foundational for the Natural Processing approach.   NP Parts 2, 3 & 4 are described on the website, and may be taken after NP 1. Consultation and practicums in this approach are available.