Alternate Housing - Byfield, May 2017


Adelynrood Retreat Center sits on a beautiful property in the small town of Byfield, Massachusetts, just 5 miles south of the coastal community of Newburyport, MA.  In addition to the option of food and lodging at Adelynrood, there are many other options in the surrounding area, an easy drive over rural/suburban roads from Adelynrood. 

For your standard hotel, the best options are the following, located near each other about 9.5 miles from Adelynrood.  They are both located on a commercial road within walking distance of a few chain and fast food restaurants.  For other restaurants and shops, it is 3.5 miles to downtown Newburyport or 2 miles to downtown Amesbury, both pleasant walkable towns. 

  • Fairfield Inn, Amesbury (near routes 495 and 95) 
  • Hampton Inn, Amesbury (near routes 495 and 95) – newly opened 2016 

If you are wanting something in town and walking distance to restaurants and shops, these are the most popular Inns and B & B’s in downtown Newburyport, ~5 mile drive from Adelynrood:

  • Garrison Inn Boutique Hotel, Brown Square, Newburyport
  • Essex Street Inn and Suites, Essex St., Newburyport
  • Clark Currier Inn, Green St., Newburyport
  • Compass Rose Inn, Center St., Newburyport

There are a few other small lodgings in Newburyport that can be found on line.   

For the beachfront experience and upscale lodging:

  • Blue – Inn on the Beach, Plum Island, Newbury (7.5 mi)

In addition to your commercial lodging options, there are many Airbnb and VRBO properties for rent in the greater Newburyport area.  These offer the opportunity to have more of a local experience and are generally less costly than commercial lodging.  Options range from renting a room in someone’s home to renting an entire home, alone or shared with others.  Prices vary widely depending on the property being rented.  To view options, log onto or and enter the dates and location (Newburyport) to see what is available.