Natural Processing Part Two – Four Days

Subtle Dissociation, Developmental Trauma and Attachment Dynamics

This follow-up 4-day course expands the training from Part One.  We continue to explore tracking, holding dilemmas, and working with dissociation.   The somatic view of developmental trauma and attachment dynamics opens up the work of meeting developmental needs on a non-verbal level.

Craig will also be available for private 90 minute sessions the day before and the day after the training.  Contact him at 805-966-7794 to schedule an appointment.

We will begin with questions from participants work with their clients since Part I.  There will be 2 practicums daily, along with some short skill building and experiential segments.  The focus will be on developing sensitivity to tracking all the dynamics from Part I, plus new ones.

Live demonstrations and video sessions will be studied to highlight the nature of process, the power of sustained somatic awareness, and the value of full engagement while “not knowing.”

Further focus on tracking resiliency will provide participants with a greater sense of presence and engagement with their clients.  This is fundamental for truly “trusting the process.”

This work builds skills for the full engagement called for in working with developmental trauma and attachment dynamics.  We will identify the moment-by-moment dynamics of separation from self, and the emergence of self.  Close tracking of mobilization/immobilization through the body and nervous system aids the therapist’s interventions in co-creating non-verbal experiences of titrated contact, and development of resiliency.

Daily Agenda           Click for daily schedule

Day One


Discussion of participants’ clinical experience using this approach since taking Part I

Expansion of tracking, exposing and working dilemmas, and “trusting the process”

Review of experience with dissociation; further details on “working the dissociative moment”

Dynamics of developmental trauma and attachment challenges; noting somatic evidence

Practicums, live demonstration/video sessions

Day Two



Brief practicum on working nuances of developmental trauma

Attachment dynamics from somatic and relational lenses

Practicums, live demonstration/video sessions.

Questions and discussion

Day Three



Dynamics of self – disconnection with early trauma; signs of re-emergence

Practicums, live demonstration/video sessions.

Considerations for integrating this work into practice

Questions and discussion

Day Four



Live demonstration, with detailed unpacking of the session

Extended practicum sessions, with even more personalized feedback

Further exploration of nuances of tracking and pacing well with developmental trauma