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NP Part Four Learning Objectives:

  • List 3 ways that disconnections appear, that are likely out of a client’s awareness.

  • Describe 3 interventions that you can use to make disconnections more explicit as they arise.

  • Describe the impact on the Cycle of Experience of disconnecting by “jumping ahead to premature action.”

  • List 2 consequences of clients not trusting their own perceptions.

  • List 2 examples of where it is helpful for the therapist to take a “stronger lead.”

  • Describe 2 ways that addiction and compulsivity salve “disconnection”

  • Describe 2 drawbacks to engaging “borderline” dynamics through emotions, and 2 benefits of engaging through somatic sensation.

  • Describe 2 of your own challenges for staying engaged in hard moments with your clients, and how you are now wanting to address them.